4 Ways to Use a Lap Blanket in Summer

We all love our comfy lap blankets. Whether you love a good quilted blanket, a microfiber blanket, or a faux fur throw blanket, any super soft bed blanket will do the job of protecting you in New York’s cold weather. 

But what about summers? No one wants to sweat under the blankets during summertime. Well, there’s no need to sweat either because you can use your lap blankets in a variety of ways during summers. 

You may be using your cashmere blankets to regulate heat during winters but when it’s summer, you can use make use of them in a myriad of ways including home decor. You can use your plush throw blanket in your living room or drape it around your couch. 

Fold and Throw

Want to add a classic touch to your bedroom? Just fold your blanket and throw it on your couch, your bed, or your sofas. Play around with various folds and create ripples in your throw blanket to give it your desired look. This classic home decor idea is never going out of style. 

The Lazy Throw

Since we’re discussing various looks for a throw blanket, you can never go wrong with a simple lazy throw. It’s another modern yet classic look. Just fold your blanket in half and throw it over your couch and spread it open towards the edges or the bottom. 

For a much more comfy look, you can use your ultra-soft, fleece throw blanket. It gives a casual look and you won’t have to worry about it looking out of place. You can achieve the “lazy throw” look without putting any effort if you use a waffle blanket or a blanket with tassels. 

If you’re going for a boho, cozy throw look, use a cable knit or a micro plush blanket to help you achieve that. 

The Statement Drape

A great way to make use of your lap blankets during summers is to drape them on your chairs, couches, or even your bed. If you have a blanket with pom poms or tassels, it will help in adding texture and color to the overall look and make it look more luxurious. 

Our limited collection of blankets is not only colorful but have white tassels that can switch things up on your sofa, couch, or bed. You can also use the rhombus lap blanket and drape it over your chair or sofa’s arm and spread it across the floor. This blanket is crochet and it is unlike any other lap blanket because it helps add texture to your home decor. 


A lap blanket on a couch

Corner of the Couch

Another option for using your lap blankets in summer is to use them for decorating your couch and brightening up your room. To do something other than throwing it or draping it around to give a comfy look, you can use multiple blankets and give your couch a touch of character. 

Using two completely different textures for this look is the key. You can use a reversible sherpa blanket folded properly on top of a plaid soft blanket. Arrange the two blankets however you like and move the corners around until the tassels are hanging perfectly. Add plaid or striped pillows on top of it to complete the look. 

A sherpa fleece blanket is also great for decorating the corner of your couch. Add a plush blanket on top and you’re good to go! Use different blanket patterns to make sure your couch looks beautiful and cozy. 

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