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    Finding the Best Beach Towel for You

    When it comes time to soak up some sun this summer, it’s important to make sure you’re using the best beach towel for you. KS Producers is proud to offer a line of luxurious beach towels for any outing; here are some tips for finding the best beach towel for you.

    What’s the Difference between Beach Towels and Bath Towels?

    It’s a common question. There are a couple of notable differences between beach towels and bath towels:

    • Thickness: Bath towels are typically very thick and plush towels, made to be super absorbent to help you dry off after a bath or shower. Beach towels are usually much thinner and designed to be fast-drying.
    • Texture: Bath towels are luxurious and soft to provide a spa-like experience. Beach and pool towels are a bit rougher and less plush in order to keep you sand-free and ensure quick drying in the warm sun.
    • Size: Beach towels are usually extra-large to serve as a beach blanket to layout and catch some sun. Whether you’re hanging out poolside or at the beach, an oversized beach towel gives you more space to stretch out - and serves as a great cover-up.
    • Material: Bath towels are typically simply made of cotton, while sand-resistant beach towels are made of linen, microfiber, terry, and, at times, cotton.
    • Pattern: Bath towels are typically one solid color. Terry beach towels are available in a wide range of fun patterns and prints, from a classic cabana stripe to colorful tie-dye.

    Popular Types of Towel Materials

    Below are some of the most common types of towels:

    • Cotton beach towels/Cotton bath towels
    • Microfiber beach towels
    • Velour
    • Turkish cotton (Turkish beach towels/Turkish cotton towels)
    • Terry cloth

    Choosing the Best Beach Towel

    Heading out for a relaxing beach day? Along with your beach bag, beach chairs, and snacks, you’ll want to find yourself a good oversized towel.

    Here are some things to consider when finding the best beach towel for you:

    • Size
    • Texture
    • Thickness
    • Price
    • Absorbency
    • Pattern/color

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