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June 08, 2022
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7 products

Finding the Best Bath Mat

Bathroom rugs and mats are much more than a small floor accent; they provide style and function where it truly counts. Here are some tips for choosing the best bath rug or bath mat for your space.

Is a Bath Rug the Same as a Bath Mat?

While the two terms may sound interchangeable, the truth is that there is a difference between a bath rug and a bath mat.

Bath mats are designed to be extra-absorbent and non-slip to prevent accidents and protect the floors from getting wet. They are typically placed directly in front of the shower or bathtub and are quick-drying to prevent excessive or harmful moisture.

Bath rugs are intended to be more of a design element and are focused on bathroom decor; they are typically more plush and luxurious and can be placed anywhere in the bathroom for an extra bit of style.

Types of Bath Mats
Below are some common types of bath mats/rugs:
  • Cotton bath mat/cotton bath rug
  • Memory foam bath mat/memory foam bath rug
  • Chenille bath rug/mat
  • Microfiber bath rug/mat

Styling Your Bath Mats

It’s important to remember how much can be accomplished with your bath mats. When paired with your bath linens, bath towels, bathroom accessories, and shower curtain, your bath rug set or bath mat set can pull the entire room together and provide an organized and luxurious feel.

A tufted bath rug used as a bath runner provides a bit of warmth for bare feet in the center of your bathroom floor and evens out the space.

Placing an absorbent shower mat in your bathroom not only provides skid-resistant anti-slip protection but also ensures that your floors don’t face water damage.

Use a contour rug in front of the toilet to add a bit of style and comfort.

Caring for Your Bathroom Mats

Fortunately, modern bath mats and rugs are reversible and machine washable.

In order to keep your bathroom mat clean and in the best possible condition, it’s recommended to wash it at least once each week.

Simply toss your mats into the washing machine on a gentle wash. If your rug is rubber-backed, set the wash on a cold setting. Once your bath mat is clean, air dry in the dryer or hang to dry outside.

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