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    6 products
    Set of 2, Ceramic Elephant Sculpture Figurine, Handmade Figurine, Modern Luxury Decorative Tabletop, Housewarming Gift
    Set of 3, Golden Banana Leaves Tray, Modern Luxury Decorative Stoneware Serving Trays, Dinner Table Nightstand Organizer
    Resin Leopard, Sculpture Figurine, Modern Luxury Decorative Mantelpiece, Housewarming Gift, Artwork, Small Size Figurine

    Home Décor & Home Accents

    Accents help bring a space to life. Find stylish home decor and modern accents for any room of your home. Consider placing statement bowls and vases on console tables, side tables, bookcases and buffets for a polished finish. Use modern home decor and home accents to create a warm atmosphere with the flickering light of candles and lanterns. Consider these decor ideas to find the right home accessories for a stylish and updated interior decor look in every room.

    From statues of incredible animals such as a Leopard to more religious images such a Buddha, we have accents for whatever look or feel you are going for. Whatever your style or budget, Ksproducers has a wide selection for you to choose from. Shop online! Be sure to also check out our delivery options or expediate shipping.

    A sideboard cabinet can house decorative sculptures and photos in sleek silver picture frames. Wall Arts also work well with sideboards; hang above to give the illusion of a bigger entryway. Finish decorating the space with plant decor or faux botanicals in a floor vase. Choose a large plant and arrange near the coatrack to refresh the foyer.

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