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    Decorating Your Tabletop with a Table Runner

    Table runners are an example of table linens that can add a serious “wow” factor to your table decor.

    What is a Table Runner?

    A table runner is a decorative element that can be used to ramp up the style of any long table. Rather than hiding the entirety of the tabletop beneath a tablecloth, a table runner provides a modern, luxurious, and soft decorative centerpiece linen.

    Below are some popular types of table runners:

    • Woven table runners
    • Cotton table runners
    • Jute table runners
    • Linen table runners
    • Burlap table runners

    Styling Your Table Runner

    Your table runner can be used to complement the rest of your table linens in your dining room, such as your placemats and napkins. It can also be designed to complement your dinnerware to create a unique and stunning table setting.

    If you’re looking to create a boho look, our Black & White Table Runner will deliver the natural elegance you’re looking for.

    For a rustic look, a farmhouse table runner can be created with the use of a burlap, buffalo plaid, natural cotton, or hemstitch linen table runner.

    Table runners can also be used as a decorative topper or scarf for a dresser in the bedroom or a coffee table in the living room, as well.

    Caring for Your Table Runner

    Accidents and messes happen - especially at the dinner table. Thankfully, modern table runners are designed for easy care and maintenance.

    Here at Ksproducers, our fair-trade table runners are machine-washable. In the case of a mess or a spill, simply throw your runner in the wash and dry on medium-high heat in the dryer or hang to dry. You’ll find that your table runner will be good as new and ready for your next stylish dinner event!

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